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corelab is pilates strength training where you slow down to become stronger. You will transform your body with slow and controlled movements, which will work every muscle like never before. Our crew will guide you and motivate you throughout the workout so you will finish every class feeling strong. At corelab muscle burn and smiles are guaranteed!  

welcome to 2023: commit to yourself & achieve your goals!

transform your body

with only 50-minutes of an effective fusion of pilates and strength training in your own power reformer 'the station'. Our experienced crew adapts the training to any fitness level so you get the most out of your workout everytime!


corelab is not just a workout, we are a community. We strive to be that special space in your life where you can focus on you and take care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

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  • why is corelab so effective?

    Slow and controlled movements with constant tension: the movements are performed slowly and with control to force the muscles to stay contracted throughout the range of motion, which recruits more muscle fibers.

    Muscle failure: every class is designed to work the muscles to failure, which happens when the muscle can no longer move or contract concentrically (the shakes!). The body will start to recruit your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which will help you build endurance.

    Compound movements: we work multiple muscles at the same time through compound movements. It is not only more time efficient, but it also burns more calories than isolation exercises. Compound movements develop core strength faster and stimulate balance and body coordination, while keeping the heart rate up.

  • is corelab pilates?

    corelab is the new generation of pilates. We have created the power version of the pilates reformer to give you a more versatile full-body workout focused on strength training, flexiblity and mobility.

  • what is a typical corelab class?

    50-minute full body workout, which starts with a short warm-up and then 5-10 minutes of core followed by legs, obliques, and arms. The last minute of class is a core challenge to finish the class strong!

  • how do I sign up for class?

    starting in february 2023 you will be able to sign up for our regular schedule via our website or the corelab app and our full schedule will be published!

  • how do I prepare for my first class?

    come to the studio 15 minutes before the scheduled class time so you can get an introduction to the station and a demo of some of the exercises. Grip socks are not required but are recommended. Please arrive on time - failure to do so may forfeit your class credit. Be ready to sweat, experience an amazing workout and community, and feel all those muscles for days! 🙂